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Welcome to Kid Clan

Kid Clan was founded in 1999 by Dinah Leiter, an occupational therapist with a vision to empower children and their families. Now, with a growing group of skilled and passionate therapists, Kid Clan is the leading provider of Pediatric Occupational, Speech, Physical and ABA therapy in the Northern NJ area. Our team works  collaboratively  to best understand and treat “the whole child”. Our staff is comprised of highly experienced therapists with advanced training in multiple areas, including current research and innovative therapeutic methods to enable the child to tap into their innate abilities and full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our children to reach maximum success in all areas of life. Through play, movement, and exploration we enable them to develop the skills and independence they need for home, school and community life. We believe that a key element in each child’s development is involving the family to ensure that our goal plan is relevant, attainable and individualized. We invite parents to join in on sessions to learn how to implement therapeutic techniques at home, during daily activities. Parent, child and therapist become a powerful team supporting each other on the exciting road to success.

Who can we help?

If your child is experiencing challenges related to:

  1. Sensory integration/processing
  2. Genetic syndromes
  3. Motor planning
  4. Attention
  5. Neurological impairment
  6. Auditory processing
  7. Learning disabilities
  8. Gross motor
  9. Receptive and expressive
  10. Developmental delays
  11. Fine motor
  12. Language
  13. Autism
  14. Perception
  15. Oral motor and articulation
  16. Regulation
  17. Aspergers
  18. Coordination/balance/strength
  19. Relatedness/play


Then Kid Clan is the place for you!

What The Parents Say

Our Facility

Long Room

The layout of our Long Room makes it the ideal space for all kinds of unique challenges that promote motor planning, coordination, and of course, fun! There are obstacles courses, rock climbing walls, swing hook-ups and more!

Small Sensory Gym

Although equipped with exciting equipment like the zip-line, this smaller room was set up to provide a cozier and more inviting space for the younger, and more fearful child.

Small Rooms

These four rooms are designed to offer a small, distraction-free space where children can learn to feel just right. We can adjust the lighting, incorporate therapeutic music, and utilize aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils to achieve a perfect state of calm and regulation.

Large Sensory Gym

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating new motor challenges in this room! This spacious gym has multiple hook ups so that many different swinging apparatuses can be configured in an infinite number of ways!