Thank you!
We are very appreciative of the efforts made by our son’s speech therapist, Michal Aryeh, in working with him. He’s made lots of progress in therapy. She keeps an open line of communication, listens to our suggestions and is responsive to feedback. In addition, she’s utilized some of the newest technology in her treatment approach. As a family with a child on the spectrum, we are grateful for the caring attitude and compassion shown by the entire staff at Kid Clan.”
– N.D.

I feel fortunate
to have discovered how occupational therapy can help me and my children. Although I know many people who have special needs children, my children certainly didn’t fit in that category, yet I couldn’t understand why my children were different than other children. Somehow I kept noticing that they just were not able to do things others did easily, and their general conduct was a challenge for me on a constant basis. When I first spoke to Dinah Leiter, I thought she must be a fly on my wall! How could she so uncannily know so many of the issues we struggled with? She helped me recognize certain patterns of behavior that were typical for some children, so that I could strengthen my children’s skills to enable them to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. She also helped me appreciate their wonderful talents by minimizing the challenging behaviors, and empowering me to understand them and facilitate their growth. I am a strong advocate that a parent must do everything within their power to help our kids succeed in an already challenging world. Occupational therapy at Kid Clan has given me invaluable tools to assist my mission.”
– R.S.


Our son was diagnosed with congenital hypotonia (low muscle tone) and suffered from gross motor delay. He was not rolling over, nor sitting up, at 15 months. We began working with physical therapists through New Jersey’s Early Intervention, but progress was very slow. We decided to supplement services with Kid Clan, who connected us with their therapist, Ephraim Yablok. Ephraim worked with our son out of our home, using the MEDEK method. The day after our son’s first session with Ephraim, I found my son sitting up in his crib for the first time! We were ecstatic. The progress was quickly measurable after each weekly visit with Ephraim, so much so that the State’s therapist noticed it too and asked what magic the “other” therapist was using! Ephraim is a kind, attentive and well-researched therapist. He is committed to his work and to seeing his patients succeed. Our son has been walking since 22 months, and we owe it all to Kid Clan and Ephraim. We recommend their services without an ounce of hesitation.”
– V.M